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SHWE DAUN TAUN COMPANY MYANMAR_ We are the leading supplier and filter of flooring, door and frame in Myanmar. We are an established family run company located in Yangon Myanmar. Supplying top quality doors, frame, flooring and decorative materials.

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SHWE DAUN TAUN COMPANY is a family run business and is Myanmar's leading supplier of Doors, Frame, Flooring and Decorative materials. Having trader for over 10 years. We are not just wood materials experts, also we do construction.(We sell good Quality at valuable Prices!). Our aim is to offer a great range of Doors, Frames and great selection of wooden flooring to our customer at affordable prices in Myanmar. (We import all the flooring direct from the manufacture and take pride) in the quality of grade A product offered and are commithed to providing our customer with best customer services and best products at the best possible price.